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After an exciting but well-controlled trip blazing through the upper atmosphere and then down into clouds, complete with squeals of delight from the passengers (much better than calls for airsick bags!), the Ratte II emerges into clear skies with velocity reduced to aircraft travel speeds.

Due to Lora's prudent planning to avoid coming down directly at the Starport at high velocity, the ship is flying south over open ocean, with about a one hour trip to Franklin Down Starport, which is located near the equator on one of the major landmasses.

Efate (SM 1705) A646930-D is one of the highest population systems in the Spinward Marches (system Pop 8 billion) and is quite well-developed, with a Class A Starport, Naval Base and Scout Way Station, and above-average Tech Level of 14. The official planetary government of the mainworld is a self-perpetuating oligarchy known as the Central Committee, but there is political unrest and rebellion verging on civil war on some parts of the planet, and it is rumored that TAS may soon declare the world an Amber Zone. Some settlements in other parts of the system have already declared themselves independent, but have not been recognized as such by the Imperium.

The Law Level of zero reflects the overall disruption of planetary law enforcement. Most cities will have at least some well-controlled portions enforcing Law Levels of 4, as will the Efate Highport and most other space stations. However, there are large portions of the planet and system that are out of government control, where police will not venture in less than a full squad with combat armor.

[Many thanks to the uncredited authors of a TML Landgrab on Efate for the above planetary map and additional details! ]
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