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Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
Donoma looks at Kalos and Hampton, a bit shocked. "I know you don't know me from Eve, and I suppose I could be in on whatever scheme is supposedly cooked up, so my vouching for him maybe doesn't carry a lot of weight. However, do keep in mind that I told you about this shipment before we talked about hiring me. I did that for a reason - so it wasn't seen as part of any deal to hire me. I did it as a favor for my friend Wallis, regardless of whether you hired me.

"You bet they're nervous - this is a balde ŝarĝo of profit. Sxeol, this is probably worth 30kCr to every soul on his crews just with that increase in the price. That's a lot of money to these miners and their families for a single bonus.

"Anyway, he's a straight-up sort of fellow, and I know Wallis wouldn't be in on anything funny."

Donoma crosses her arms and leans back against the bulkhead.
Hampton turns to Donoma, "Its not that I don't trust you but I do tend to turn over all the angles when the guy I'm talking to wants to give me a sweet deal that he says is perfectly legit while at the same time he is sweating bullets over something. Besides, it's something I would have done once upon a time."

"Kalos, what do you think? I think the guy is less likely to be the terror of the spaceways than he is someone who just thinks this is his one chance at getting out from under John Company's thumb, and I can appreciate that. Get the best deal you can and arrange for the transfer. We might want to get it all done sooner than later just in case Ixiom shows up and ties it all up."

Hampton checks with the terminal to see if the Type A we encountered has filed an arrival time and declared cargo for sale. Also, if they have put out a query for anything they might be looking for to buy or trade for.
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