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Originally Posted by DaveChase View Post
OOC: That would be fine with me.

Tavern, social kind of bar that has some game tables, allows cards, drinks and food.
Not a casino or gambling hall but just a local, maybe away from port kind of place.
If there is a college/Tech school, a place near there.
OK. It's a bar called O'Malley's, has green and maroon striped awnings outside over windows and doors, basic college neighborhood bar. Not a rowdy place with loud music, but quieter and oriented more toward professors and grad students, and other folks who live nearby.

Overall lighting is dim, but each table or booth has its own lamp with dimmer for the customers to adjust as they see fit. Main room has table that will comfortably seat 6, more if they are close friends. Bar is along back wall, or if you sit down at a table a waitperson will come by to take your order. There is a little more privacy in the line of booths (with tall seatbacks dividing them) that run along one wall and back down a narrower space, not quite a hallway, toward the restrooms.

That is what Hampton sees when he arrives and looks around.

I don't know where Doc is.
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