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Originally Posted by DaveChase View Post
Talking with SpaceBadger about Doc Freeman's hire, he suggested that I speak with saberdog about the situation.

So, if you would be willing, I figure we could play a bit of side bar story line about the hiring and what Doc brings top the table (ship) besides being a doctor.

On Egarnigun (Daibei 1223), Captain Rhodes put into port and places a few feelers for various crew positions, one of which was for a medic.

A few hours later a young lad comes up to Captain Rhodes gives him a joker playing card with the name of a bar and a person's name, Doc Freeman, with a signature below it that looks like a typical doctor signature.

The boy smiles, 'The Doc would like to speak with you about a possible job.' , then runs off instead of waiting for the normal tip or reply from the Captain.
Assuming we are back "In Character" here...

I head to the bar on the card and look the place over. Since I'm a trusting sort I have my autopistol under my jacket, but keep an open mind about such places. What's the place like inside when I get there?
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