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Originally Posted by mbrinkhues View Post
Basically agree with one exception:

IMHO even the war of 2290/91 went off "half cocked" on the German side (similar to 1870/71(1)) and I am not sure they would be ready so shortly after the French-Chinese thing. I could see them stiring up more rebellions to keep the French Navy busy and, depending on the final losses of the French, actually DELAY the war another 3-5 years, getting a few more Hamburgs and Sachsens
I don't think that's quite necessary - I think Germany would seize the initiative after a crushing French defeat in the Far East. The situation I think would be quite similar to the opening moves of WW2. The French actually had some better equipment than the Germans during that period, however, superior German tactics and logistics neutralized such superior equipment handily. Kicking a guy while he's down might not be sporting, but it's good way to win a fight. I think a similar situation would occur in a hastened War of German Reunification - as the Reunification War was very much an Earthside contest. It wasn't fought on both Earth and in space.

* The Bavarians would probably be much less reluctant to side with the Hannover camp given how their French benefactors just got their rear ends handed to them in Asia.

* The German states would have probably watched the CAW very closely (in fact the entire world probably would have) - the CAW would very much have been the an earthshaking war - as far as I can tell in the 2300 history, it was fought both on Earth and in space with the French making strikes in the Chinese Arm and the Manchus going so far as to make a base in the French Arm to raid the French - it's serious business and probably a lot more bitter than the sanitized text in the rulebooks would suggest. After the French defeat, I think the Germans would have gone "half-cocked" as they'd have seen the French war machine humbled and demoralized and felt confident they could win.

* Given the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" attitude (as evident in Grosshiddenhafen), even if the Sternmarine wasn't up to snuff yet, the Manchus could have probably made "guarantees" or having an "understanding" for various colony worlds should the French start acting up - the Manchus were able to supply Elysia in canon 2300 history and that's with the Manchus losing. With the Manchus winning, Tunghus and whatever classes of ships that didn't appear in the various sourcebooks could have kept French navy at bay.

Also, I've always thought that 2300 would be more interesting with a Manchu victory in the CAW, personally. It'd break the Eurocentricism of 2300's history quite nicely (American and Canada being "European" powers in case).
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