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Originally Posted by rfmcdpei View Post
Were any of the German states involved in the Central Asian War?

One thing that occurs to me is that France could lose its outposts on the approaches to the Chinese and American Arms, Serurier, D'Artagnon, and Davout. (The last is shared with the Japanese, so perhaps not.)

A permanent Manchurian presence on the French Arm around Joi is an interesting idea, although supply lines would be a problem. The biggest impact would probably be during the Kafer War, when the Manchurians would be involved from the start.
The Thiving Hill Tribes where involved as good French Toadies that they where. But the "so short after the war" was a reference to the German nations not being in a position to start re-unification, re-integration of the wayward Bavarian tribes and doing some Frenchie gutting(1) in 2286, so they could not, as epicenter00 suggested, take advantage of the French weakness. IMHO even the 2291 start was more a "if we must" than a "because we can". I.e Starcruiser states that the Hamburg-Class CCG's where "recently completed" in the French-German War scenarios.

(1) As the old WWI saying goes: "Jeder Tritt ein Brit, jeder Schuss ein Russ, jeder Stoss ein Franzos" - "Each kick (gets) a Brit, each shot a Russian and each Bayonet-Stab a Frenchman"
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