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Originally Posted by mbrinkhues View Post
Basically agree with one exception:

IMHO even the war of 2290/91 went off "half cocked" on the German side (similar to 1870/71(1)) and I am not sure they would be ready so shortly after the French-Chinese thing. I could see them stiring up more rebellions to keep the French Navy busy and, depending on the final losses of the French, actually DELAY the war another 3-5 years, getting a few more Hamburgs and Sachsens

(1) I.e the Germans had just selected a new and superior rifle (Mauser 1871) shortly before the war but only managed to introduce it after the war
Were any of the German states involved in the Central Asian War?

One thing that occurs to me is that France could lose its outposts on the approaches to the Chinese and American Arms, Serurier, D'Artagnon, and Davout. (The last is shared with the Japanese, so perhaps not.)

A permanent Manchurian presence on the French Arm around Joi is an interesting idea, although supply lines would be a problem. The biggest impact would probably be during the Kafer War, when the Manchurians would be involved from the start.
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