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Default 2300AD/2320 What If: Manchuria wins the Central Asian War

Continuing a theme ...

The Central Asian War (2282-2287) was the biggest war fought by humanity before the Kafer Wars. Waged over Manchurian influence in the Central Asian Republic, the conflict seemed to go fairly well for Manchuria, which was able to sponsor and even supply the Elysian war of independence deep in the French Arm at the same time that it steadily pushed back the Franco-Russian-led coalition opposing Manchuria. From what little I know, the Manchurians had apparently managed to push deep into European Russia before a Japanese intervention broke the offensive (i.e. deus ex machina was created to preserve balance in the Great Game).

Let's say that hadn't happened. The Manchurians successfully take Moscow, and the European coalition responds by negotiating an end to the war. In the post-war settlement, Manchuria is able to impose a protectorate over the Central Asian Republic, and who knows what will happen in Russia (a Korea-style protectorate? protracted occupation? demilitarization?). In the coming years, Manchuria starts to surpass a humiliated France.

What next? Does human space become considerably more militarized? Does the defeat so discredit the future junta that the French republic survives, if barely? Would the powers head for a rematch?
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