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Originally Posted by robject View Post
(3) Joe's vision for the Primordials (as Baddies from the Core) therefore doesn't exist.
Since they were only exposed through Joe's somewhat catty publishing of that "this is what GDW took from you by reclaiming Traveller from us" outline, the Baddies don't exist at all except in the desires of those who saw everything from DGP as exalted. That it would have extended the Rebellion's decade-long and Imperium-wide spectator event another five or more years and wrecked the setting even more than was already the case is widely ignored.

The Baddies in that speculative form can be safely ignored, even while some of their preparatory work (the adventure in the screen, the unrest among the Zhodani) survives to be re-interpreted.

Marc has re-written Deyis II in a way that can explain why the Kebkh found in the MT era would be a surprise. The world was scrubbed and reset, but apparently quietly reseeded later. Whether the Kebkh of AotI are the same as those found in MT is an open question, but I can see a couple explanations:
-They aren't the same. The beings found in the MT era have been tagged as Kebkh by the Agent (or similar) in Imperial records to obfuscate the originals.
-They are the same species, modified through a clandestine effort to appear different in the two eras. This effort could be Agent driven, sought by the surviving off-world Kebkh, or (to dip into the Primordials/Baddies well just slightly) a natural drift by a species already prone to polymorphism as they adapted to a "new" world.

Knightfall's Primordials, including the Referee's secret and supposedly objective data, can be hand-waved by the simple artifice of being converted to in-universe subjective speculation. The ruins found were obviously advanced, so throwing off even the Imperium's high tech methods of estimating age is trivial.
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