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Default Deyis II Redux

I've started this thread to avoid committing one of my all-too-usual sins; crapping up another thread.

While trying to help the Imperial Cartographer(1) check AotI against the Traveller Map, I realized that the AotI version of Deyis II is profoundly different from the previous version found in canon.

Deyis II is appears a few times in MT. An aside in Knightfall mentions the planet as hosting an access portal to the Primordial City's pocket universe. In MT's Folio Adventure 2 Outpost Alpha, which was distributed as part of the Referee's Gaming Kit, the planet is described in far more detail.

In MT, Deyis has a 70 year orbit meaning it "enjoys" a 35 year long summer and winter. Naturally, both flora and fauna have evolved various strategies like hibernation, robust eggs/seed pods, and the like. During the Ziru Sirka, the Vilani visited the world during it's winter, decided it wasn't worth settling, and moved on. During the Rule of Man, the Solomani visited during it's summer, decided to give it a try, and founded a colony that mysteriously failed.

After that, the world was was never settled and rarely visited. There is very little of commercial value while the life cycles of the flora and fauna make their use and/or transplantation very difficult.

During the Rebellion era, a party from Dulinor's faction vists the world to refuel and tangles with a scouting party from Lucan's faction. Most importantly, the party contacts a previously unsuspected sophont species; the Kebkh. (It also turns out the Kebkh were responsible for the failed Solomani colony.)

In AotI, Deyis orbit isn't mentioned. In 501 the planetary population is 94 million, roughly half human and half Kebkh. While the system was brought into the Imperium during the Second Century IE, it was settled far in the past as a Karand palace dating from the Second Millenium, -8000 to -7000 IE, exists.

Not only are the Kebkh known in AotI, they're integrated into the Imperium and enough are living off Deyis when that world was scrubbed in 501 that some are living on Reference in 620.

I can't see how the MT and AotI stories can be reconciled.

Finally, in the other thread Robject mentions that Our Absent Friend Don took an interest in Deyis II and the Kebkh with an eye towards "cleaning up" DGP's Primordials/Baddies from the Core suggestion. (There was an implied connection between the Primordials and Kebkh. IIRC, Mr. Fugate touched on the topic in his Q&A column in a MTJ issue.)

The Deyis II story in AotI may be how the Primordials/Baddies are removed from canon, much like how one of Strephon's diary entries buried IRIS.

All this could be bunk, of course, as I'm just a gray headed old fat man with too much time on his hands.

1 - Hi Inexorabletash!
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