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Originally Posted by Dragoner View Post
Logically, all starports that could, would have a highport to handle the freight and traffic of unstreamlined ships.
Presuming all starports would see unstreamlined ship traffic sufficient to warrant it.

I don't recall a CT... actually any edition except GT, that specified where one would find high or down ports. Could be I'm just drawing a blank on it.

I'm sure I've noted house rules somewhere, likely based on Starport Type as others have, on the presumption (rightly so imo) that the better the starport the better the support and the more traffic it has, for whatever reason. I imagine MTU broke down something like:

Class A - Highport and Downport (and later added Outport - aka 100d transfer port)

Class B - Highport and Downport (just not enough traffic to warrant a separate Outport)

Class C - Downport (too off the regular runs to cater to unstreamlined ships, you better have your own small craft if you show up here in one)

Class D - "You call this a Starport?!" Yes it is technically a Downport but man if you expect anything better than poor surly service you are in for a rude awakening
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