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Originally posted by hirch duckfinder:
think combat system is fine . its simple and does the job with a minimum of fuss . no skills development is the problem - and its easily overcome . thats the point all the rules you need are there - its simple enough to improvise the rest.
While I did like the penetration concept, we always made the unrealistic CT combat work well enough. To me, the biggest thing is to AVOID hit location charts and such. In an RPG, I think it is best to just go with whether or not it hit, and, if so, how much generic damage did the character take. If it is ever important (or just appropriate) for a specific body part to have been hit, just use GM fiat.

As for gaining skills, the solution I always used was to just treat the characters as if they were still in some appropriate service. For example, if they are plying the space lanes for trade, just treat everyone as if they were in the merchants, and allow them to gain skills at the appropriate times.

Worked for us, anyway. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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