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Originally Posted by BMonnery View Post
Using T2K as a source, I have rough borders for the German states, although there is some conflict with Italy:2300 (a non-canon article in the Traveller's Digest).

I seems to me that the united Germany includes the Tirol from Austria and Italy (so Salzburg and Innsbruck are now German), Silesia from Poland and Czechslovakia, and the western parts of Hinterpommern from Poland, while losing Schleswig to Denmark (although German 2nd Corps is in a possible position to expel the Danes in the early 21st C), and the Rhineland to France and Holland. What was western Czechslovakia may also have been incorporated.
It doesn't seem plausible to me that France, after annexing the Rhineland and giving a significant chunk of territory to the Netherlands, would let the German states descended from the main villain of three world wars annex territories to their east and south. As late as the mid-21st century, France was willing to defend the eastern European territorial order in the Russo-Ukrainian War. How much more willing would France be to do the same in the decades immediately after the Twilight War with their much weaker neighbours?
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