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I debated a little about whether to post this, but, I already wrote a screenplay about an explorer group reaching the objective, and posted it on a screenplay website for critiquing. That, and I tried contacting the late architect Lebbus Woods about using his “The New City” for this adventure, but again, he and his estate (after he passed) never replied. And again, this is just a story seed to get you started to write your story with your PCs, so I’m not too worried about plaigurism … though maybe I should be … I don’t know. I have this fully scripted out as a complete adventure, and I even asked Ian Stead to do some city planning, but we lost contact and I think he got busy with other work. The destination in question has a secret which will appear highly menacing, and the adventure was designed so that several PCs might be lost or die. But, enough about that, here’s the abstract and seed.

Location; Any domain
Any Sector
Any Subsector
World; Earth like, but with vast lush green forests covering the planet, roughly 75% covered by oceans and caches of fresh water. Very mountainous.

Your team lands on a world that is green and blue with lots of mountain ranges and valley. Some crater shaped. No marvel since this system has more than one asteroid belt, and both are more dense than usual. But interplanetary collision phenomena is not your priority. Let that astronomers charter their own vessel and do whatever mining companies do to exploit regions rich with mineral wealth.

No, you are here to investigate “space legends” of a lost city. But not just a lout an alleged “ghost city”. You roll your eyes and chagrin as you read various reports or people vanishing for days, weeks or months on end, and emerging somewhat bewildered, but otherwise in okay health. The native fruits are hit or miss in terms of nutrition. Some are potentially poisonous, or rather non-nutritious (not poisono0s per se, just eating enough will block your metabolism and starve you if you don’t watch out). Water comes in two varieties ocean salt and mountain borne fresh, some of which pools in valley lakes before meandering down to and spilling into the ocean shores.

Your ship descends into the tropical region. Scanning the world shows nothing abnormal. No man (or alien) made power that you can detect. In fact, you can’t detect much of anything until you do a subsurface scan, at which point you detect buildings, or geometry that strongly hints at being post industrial architecture covered by soil, earth, rock and growth. Too far down for you to investigate, especially with your measly survey kit. You didn’t bring any tractor nor grav excavators with massive shovels. Too bad. Next trip maybe if you can get the funding.

But you’re not here to find buried cities, but a city that is a “ghost”, if you will. Odds are the clown who stumbled on this world over the decades (or even centuries) just fell into a pit and then created the legends that enshroud this world.

You find your landing site. A nice area with rock and carpet like grass with a fresh water stream snaking down from a craterous mountain range. Several days or surveying and you see nothing. Then, as you and your team are walking through a light wood, you come to a clearing.

REFEREE; ask for marching order now.

Just as you enter what appears to be a grassy valley surrounded by mountain timber lining another crater wall that constitutes the valley, your point man vanishes in a flash of brilliant blue-white light. You call to him, be there is no response.


p.s. I couldn’t find a good pic nor a link that would work with the forum’s software. Do a search for Lebbus Woods’ “The New City”, and you’ll see the cover of a book on his concept of a city designed with “deconstruction” in mind. In fact I think he may have started that trend, though I’m not sure. But if you can find the full front-back cover, then you’ll see the panoramic shot of the city with grav apartments, and buildings that are melded into the local landscape. Thanks for reading.
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