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Just a quick note here, originally I was going to write seeds based off of the GURPS supps, for some true "proto Traveller" scifi, but apparently the GURPS people were several steps ahead of me by about 20+ years with their Infinity Cops (IC) organization in Alternate Earths.

That, and even though AEs got some pretty cool parallel Earths, it brushes up against current events and racial politics, which might be cool for story telling and gaming, but probably hits too close to home for verboten territory for the forum. That, and "time travel" tends to be a no-no for Traveller.

But it's cool, because there are plenty of other GUPS supps. Having said that, I have Interstellar Wars, but that deals with pre or proto-Traveller era stuff when the Earthmen were fighting the strange abstract alien empire in Imperium. So, it's a bit before the CT era, which I'm not all that familiar with.

Anyway, I just felt I had to put that out there. I really do enjoy writing, and I do have a passion for all scifi warsims and RPGs, or at lest the decent ones that tickly my fancy. So I hope to share a few concept before taking a hiatus.
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