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Over on the TAS-Net Forums ( we are running a contest for the best Adventure Seed, Patron Encounter, or Amber Zone. Winner will be decided by a special poll on the site. The idea is to encourage more visitors at the forum and to liven up the conversation by offering a great little prize. Speaking of that prize, we are giving away a copy of the highly sought-after Classic Traveller publication "The Spinward Marches Campaign". This lovingly used copy of SMC, donated by our friends at The Traveller Trader ( may have a worn cover, but it is in fine usable condition. A great addition to any collection and a great read, too!

What's the fine print? Well, you do have to register a login name to post/read/vote, and the posts needs to be explicitly made public domain. The entries will be left posted for all to enjoy for at least a year. Multiple postings are encouraged, but no voting for your own entry in the polling next week.

To go directly to the Contest forum category, use If you've never been there before you'll need to click the "Register" link in the upper right and pick a nick name. No email confirmation is required, so you can start using the forums as soon as you register.

Thanks. Enjoy.
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