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I'm currently (when work allows) building a mock 2300AD-themed issue of my favourite magazine, National Geographic. I started this because getting new players to read the players guide I found was a very boring and lengthy way to acclimatise them to the 2300 universe- a guidebook works much better. This has been an on-going project for about a year and, due to work constraints, have only managed to get about 10 pages written (for those who're fans of NG, that's Geographica, contents, cover, On Assignment, a few ads for bridgeport, Michelin, Quinn Optronics, Patriot Spacelanes, and Canon). I would really like to finish this project and am seeking helpful folks to assist me in doing so. Be warned, there is no pay, no promise of final production, only a mention as the article writer/photographer/artist. It's a fan-thing which means it's gonna take a long time to will not be sold only put (hopefully) on a website like 2300:accents.
Now, here's what I'm looking for...It's focus will be a special issue (september:2299) focusing on a tour of the human sphere and key aspects of 2300 (the main article, if someone wants to write it, will be on the stutterwarp). we will need articles on:
1-The stutterwarp (containing both layman and intricate knowledge if possible)
2-The Core Worlds (Earth & Tirane)
3-The sociology of 'Frenchness' (what is nationhood and what makes someone a French citizen in 2300?)
4-Ellis' pro's and cons on being the latest state of the union
5-Cold heights, warm hearts(How Manchu's strive with pride on Delta Pavonis II)
6-The grand tour (detailing in brief all the colony worlds and the alien races planets-each human planetary entry only being about 100 words with more dedicated to the alien homeworlds)
Ads are being done (im alright at those) but am always open to a new addition as well as advice on any subject. All matters MUST be CANON (or as near as possible regarding important matters etc). So, any takers? My e-dress is:
I REALLY would appreciate finished articles (Just text that is...I'll lay them out with free-stock pics in Illustrator) and would appreciate them in PDF format. Thanks and I hope I've got your creating juices flowing!
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