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Originally posted by daryen:
It is actual freedom. At least as much freedom of movement those in the United States enjoy. Sure there are places you can't go in both systems (e.g. military bases), but for the most part you can go where you want when you want.
Or is Freedom like Pregnancy, in that you can't just be 'a little bit Free'? I won't touch this argument, but I will point out it exists.

Except for Imperial nobility, there are no "real" Imperial Citizens. Oh sure, everyone born on an Imperial world is called an "Imperial Citizen", but that doesn't actually mean anything. (Other than getting a cool ID card.)
Is even that true? I wonder.

Even the Nobles seem constrained under some circumstances.

And the Shudusham Accords dealt with robotics, cybernetics, and artificial intelligences. The Sudusham Concords dealt with weaponry carried by robots.
Yes, but resident in that document is a discussion of artifical intelligence and what does and does not constitute a being with the same rights as a citizen.
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