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I bought the Mongoose Traveller book as soon as it came out, and spent a few hours every day since then going over it in minute detail.

I like it.

Character development seems more balanced between professions, and the number of professions seems to cover more possibilities than CT. Although there is some obvious similarity to GURPS Traveller's character professions, Mongoose's system is still dominated by Classic Traveller's conventions.

But someone needs to issue an errata page (has this already been posted?). The percentage values given for ship's shares need to be re-calculated, and some of the descriptions and methods seem self-contradictory, but maybe they're not.

I've already generated two characters: A somewhat down-on-his-luck former Marine / former salvage worker / current drifter, and a James Bond -ish rogue with dermal weave armor, a DEX of B, and a fondness for body pistols and deception.

My son and his friends have borrowed the book to see about automating the character generation process in C++ ... I wish they'd hurry up, I want to get a game started!
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