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Originally Posted by mcgurk View Post
He was a really nice guy and he is honestly striving to do the best job he can
he is definetly working within traditional Traveller boundaries and he has even been in communication with Marc Miller, how good is that
Not indicative of anything quality-wise... Marc's reputation for quality has been severely damaged of late (mostly by his CCG attempt and by T4)... could be good or bad

Many people feel Marc is out of touch with the fan base (myself included); being in touch with Marc is thus no assurance of anything.

Now, having emailed back and forth a bit, Gareth does seem quite reasonable. I do like what I've seen, except the specific details of the statistics of the draft task system.

I look forward to the SRD, as well... for while what I may produce under it won't be Traveller, it will be a trav-compatible, and if my players Like it, I may send it out for the rest of the world. Oh, how I love open source.
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