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Exclamation The Relic: Now Available on Roll20

The Relic: An adventure module for 2d6 sci-fi RPG's (compatible with Traveller, Cepheus Engine, and other classic 2d6 sci-fi RPG's).

Out here in the furthest reaches of charted space, itís tough to make a living.

You take what you can get and hope for the best.

If you can land a job with one of the megacorporations in the subsector, you can find steady, unappreciated work. If youíre an independent contractor, you take the jobs you want but money can get a little tight.

Thankfully, an opportunity just knocked: an easy and profitable transport mission just fell in your lap.
When a mission to transport an archeology team and their cargo to a nearby university takes an unexpected turn, the crew isnít sure who they can trust.

But when the desperate crew works with their passengers to make a ground-breaking discovery they uncover a secret hidden for millennia.

Will it make them fabulously wealthy, or change life in the subsector forever?

Find out now in The Relic, an adventure module for 2d6 sci-fi RPG systems.

  • Cinematic Storyline
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • 4 Pre-generated and Equipped Characters
  • 4 Pre-generated and Equipped NPC's
  • 9 Fully-detailed Opponents
  • 1 Epic Bad Guy
  • 3 Outdoor Maps
  • 1 Indoor Map
  • 1 Map of the Voku Subsector

Be the first to discover The Relic.
Available NOW in the Roll20 Marketplace.
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