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Default T5SS Semi-Official Thread

So with Marc's permission (which I had a few months ago but then got into some medical issues, and then got sidetracked running a gaming convention)...

The T5SS (T5 Second Survey) is an effort driven by Marc Miller to stabilize, correct, and control the UWPs of the OTU so that there's a solid canon base of data for future reference.

To support the Kickstarter and Mongoose's 1105 efforts, the first task was to stabilize all data across every sector with an Imperial world in it on the 1105 data. This data was then given to Joshua Bell of to make publicly available, and used by Marc to distribute various noble titles related to the T5 Kickstarter.

We're about to start phase 2 of this effort, but before that starts, I wanted to have a public review of the current 1105 dataset (as represented out at for all sectors with at least one Imperial world, and Gvurrdon and Ziafrplians sectors. For GT fans: I do have GURPS Traveller compatible versions of the data; perhaps I can discuss with Loren getting that material up on JTAS...

Remember that some discrepancies may be:

1. We deliberately changed something. We did change a bunch of TLs. Some world sizes got increased. Regina's far star companion was changed from an M6V to an M3V. There are quite a number of changes like this.

2. I messed something up. The successes I share with those who helped, but I'll take full responsibility for the mistakes.

So, if there's a change you want, or you have an issue with a change at, here's your chance to bring out the pitchforks. But really, I'm looking for mistakes and inconsistencies we missed, not arguments over why changes were made.

One important caveat: If it is on, and appears in published current FFE licensee product, the odds of it changing are low (the previously mentioned Deneb Sector being one of those).

Ok. Asbestos suit on.
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