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Originally Posted by BRover View Post
I wondered too--maybe it's just the Starport occupation force--but even that seems a bit small. I'd think a few type T patrol-sized ships and a company or more of troops would be more likely. Or there was another alert just before that drew off most of the 'port garrison?
After a little thought it makes sense to me.
The Zhos are not trying to conquer Ruie, they merely want to control the starport so it can be used to support any Zho ships that pass through the system. They probably made some sort of deal with the local Ruie natives that they would not interfere with normal starport operations as long as no Imperials were allowed to pass through without the Zhos permission. They probably gave local officials lots of gifts to smooth things over.
In short the Zhos are trying to avoid conflict on Ruie, they have bigger fish to fry. A small force of 100 men is enough to secure the starport, without causing any significant resentment in the population. They better have a good diplomat with them though.
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