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Originally Posted by Cryton View Post
[...] they found that , much to their dismay, that the Zhos had indeed been there, had removed the Imperial Embassy to the world, and had left a 100 ton Ninz class Scout with a squad of Troopers in control of the starport.
One 100 dTon vessel and one squad of troops to control a starport on a world with a population of seven billion and the Imperium just one parsec away. This seems like a very small force. It works well as an enemy against the players in an RPG setting, but against the backdrop of war with the entire Imperium, leaving behind that small a force does not seem like a wise military move for the Zhodani.

Perhaps there is a mystery here for the PCs to have a chance to investigate later?

Originally Posted by Cryton View Post
In short order, they manage to FINALLY sell their cargo of Psi-Shields and manage to turn a nice profit.
Yay! I was concerned they'd lose their collective shirts.


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