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"Due to the unfortunate death of His excellence the Baron of Vanejen, and his wife on 007-1107 Im in an unfortunate Air/Raft accident, and also for the fact of his lack of an Heir, Her Grace, Delphine Adorania Muudashir, 15th Duchess of Mora, with the full backing of the Mid-Year Sector Moot, has elevated him to Baron Pro-Tem of Vanejen, to be confirmed by the Imperial Moot Holliday List due 001-1108 Im, and that he is to go immediately to Vanejen to claim title of his new Fief."

((Yes, this all started out as a HIGHLY fleshed out version of Research Station Gamma.))

The rest of the session was spent in a flurry of planning. What route they wanted to take, a huge amount of time making sure that hauling passengers, freight, and mail would cover the ships note and expenses while en-route, and a deep dive into the world of Vanejen, its people, government and laws in the Library Data.

It was a huge chunk of information, and they asked a lot of questions.

End Session 2
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