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Session 2

They arrived at Regina on 201-1107 Im, to discover that the Third Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate are at war, and that the Zho fleet had arrived at Regina two days after they had departed Regina for Ruie.

Eventually, after being cleared to land, they find that Reginas' Class A starport is sporting an insane level of activity as war time operations are now in full swing.

In short order, they manage to FINALLY sell their cargo of Psi-Shields and manage to turn a nice profit. His Excellence also receives notice that there is a missive from the Sector Moot waiting for him.

What it says stuns the players into silence.
The Third Imperium is a strong as it has to be, as weak as it can risk to be, as good as it can, as evil as it must, and as blind as it chooses.

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