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Arriving at Ruie a week later, they find no trace of any Zhodani Fleet, and proceed to land at the worlds C-Class downport. That's where things got a little hairy.

As they exited their ship, ready to pay landing fees, make arrangements for refreshing life support and getting re-fueled, they found that , much to their dismay, that the Zhos had indeed been there, had removed the Imperial Embassy to the world, and had left a 100 ton Ninz class Scout with a squad of Troopers in control of the starport.

A fast paced fight that nearly wrecks an entire concourse ensues as they resist capture by the Zhos, and ends after an atmospheric chase with the Ninz, as they make a break for it in their ship. Getting lucky, they shoot down the chasing ship and to go refuel from one of the worlds oceans before running back to Regina.

End session 1.
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