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Default My current game so far

My current game features the crew of "The Queen Nuala" a 200 ton Empress Marva class Far Trader, licensed out of Regina/Regina in the Spinward Marhes.

The Captain is his Excellence, Baronette(H) Sir Richard Sanchez, KoA (Human,former IISS and Noble), Patterson (Human, former Imperial Marine and INS Field Agent), Diso Inas (Human, a former Imperial Marine), Roger "Probin time" Pewtersmith, an alien (think "Paul", and a former Pirate Captain), Niel Tyson (human, former IISS and Imperial Navy) and finally Mike Sterns (Human, a former IISS and Rogue).

Session 1:

It all started on Regina on 180-1107 Im. About a week before the start of the 5th Frontier War. The players have just been handed the TAS News release that included rumors of a massed Zhodani Fleet at Ruie, a non-Imperial world but a single parsec away, and that Psi-Shield helmets are becoming all the rage.

Armed with that info, they set out to play "Space Trucker" and decide to run the Zhos Fleet to take a few tons of Psi-Shields to Ruie and hopefully make a fortune. Takes them almost a week to get thing lined up, and they jump out on 186-1107 Im.
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