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(Xboat crosslink )

Rrroger that, Central.. please verify UWP breakdown for me:

1428 Ories C EEA ACE-D M Fl Hi Wa A 702 Pc

Starport C

Size E? 14k miles, iirc.

Atmosphere E? Elipisiod

Hydro A

Population A

Charismatic Oligarchy? Yep.

A Police State? Yep.

TL 13

M = Imperial Army Base, the 5th IA, I think but will have to check & confirm later, but "M" is an IA base when used in the Imperium.

Fl = What kind of fluid? Wet? Do I look like a Planetologist to you?

Hi= High Pop


A= ? Amber Zone, shows it right there on the starcharts.

About 70 million people? (Request LD Demographics Data) When I get to them, but currently they are unimportant to the plot so are a back burner project.

No Belts ( I think i see an angle)

2 Gas Giants.
Count Tirem (Spin 2233 C7B5975B)
Baron Bendor (Spin 2336 A756656C)
Baron Sidur Haski (Gush 1334 B786354C)
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