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Alexander transfers this file and the planetology file, and puts both up on the board as he sits alone in the War Room, after hours, and switched to voicetouch interface...

"Carrier and Battlecruiser contracts are to be Keeled this fiscal year, as part of the Economic Recovery Program (ERP). They are to mount a stronger Oriesian defense, while filling the role of a long term Jobs and Production Contract...."

"Describe current sociological set up of System Pecias. What is the current state and RU output of the Settlers, at TL2 norms."

"open Task File and Record. Items are unitemized and in no priority order in Queue:"

External, County:

Strusli : Fund recruitment drive from TL 4 population, offering education, passes off Strusli, tech, recruit for Security/OAS.

Pecias: feasability study into upgrading Starport to Class C, and automation overview of resource production.

Muzil: recruitment drive for advanced labor. TL 8

SECURITY REQ: Willard Zhi-Lawrence, Status.

REQ Review of Ories Amber Zone Classification..

REQ review of Fort Breotion REd Zone Classification..This one is easy. It is Fortress World of the Imperial Army and it Red Zoned to keep people from getting in trouble either by getting blasted by ordnance or trying to spy for the Parthians.
Count Tirem (Spin 2233 C7B5975B)
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