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Default County Ories - Task Orders

I would like an RU estimate, and a lead time estimate on the following by week's end.

Warning! These numbers are draft only and are subject to change.

SDB Squadron, 10 units, 500 Tons Assume RU 1 buys 1Kt with a year a support (includes 3 months combat operations) for these.

Cargo Trader Convoy, 10,000 Tons, 10 ships Assume as above but without combat operational support, but with annual maintenance maybe included.

Battlecruiser, 300,000 tons (Jobs Contract) This and the Carrier will need some more time to work out.

Carrier (200 Fighters) 200,000 tons (jobs contract, recruiting contract)

Fighter: 15tons Purchased as Vehicles or are incidental costs for the Carrier. No numbers for Wing or Squadron costs yet.

Bomber: 45tons

Stealth Warship 100tons

County Army, 10 Squads Just what constitutes a "squad" in your book and what kind of arms and defenses are you looking at?

County Gunship Squadron, 10 10ton AGC tanks See fighters/bombers.

Battle Dress Squads, 10 man

Industrial Production Complex Might depend on the product being produced, but this is something I need to invest some serious thought too. Will get back to you later...

X-Gun Artillery If we are talking about super cannons, could be cheap, if you mean something else, pleas explain. Like that 10.88 AA weapon, what is that?

10.88 Anti aircraft Weapon

Count Tirem (Spin 2233 C7B5975B)
Baron Bendor (Spin 2336 A756656C)
Baron Sidur Haski (Gush 1334 B786354C)

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