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Name: Aramis AKA Wil
Age: Old Enough to know better (32)
Country: Alaska, a colony of the US with governmental participation allowance... (Don't get me started on that thread...)
Favorite version of Traveller: MT + Hard Times.
Military Service: 2 months before the Army and I came to a different arrangement. Plus 8 years cadet time (JROTC and CAP, 4 years each).
Role: Referee
Favorite Suppliment: Hard Times
Favorite Sector: The Spinward Marches
Favorite Race: Virushi
Favorite Empire: The Ziru Sirkaa (The Restored Vilani Empire) and the Shodani Consulate, tied dead even.
Favorite World: Wypoc.

Smith & Wesson: The Original Point and Click interface!

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