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Default Real life--just got a COTI list email from Marc

To quote him:

This is an update so you can hear it from me first.


After TravellerCon in early October, I had a checkup at Mayo Clinic including a Cardiac Stress Test. The results of that test indicated I should have an angiogram, which I did. The results of that test said I should have a Coronary artery bypass graft, also called a Triple Bypass, or sometimes Open Heart Surgery.


I am in reasonably good health. I exercise. Eat more-or-less right. Probably could lose ten pounds, and now I probably will over the next several months. But much of heart trouble is apparently genetic, and my father and both my grandfathers had heart issues.

Iíll have the surgery October 23, spend about a week in recovery, and be home by Halloween.

I have cancelled my planned appearance at GameHoleCo (butI hope to be there next year), and cancelled several planned trips through the end of the year.

My prognosis is good. My spirits are good. I expect a full recovery, and no complications.

Iíll make various announcements as necessary, and this is not a secret, so if someone is curious, or interested, you can share this information with them.

I appreciate the support I get on so many levels from all of you. Thank you.
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