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Babylon Project Episode 9: Sins of the Past

Zadora and Cortas find themselves waking up in the same room worse for wear, but it is obvious that something is happening as thy find they are in one of the Jacaranada cells with all the other members of the crew minus Femi and Malone. During the attempts to find out what has happened the crew are interrupted by a Centauri backed by some Narn.
The Centauri introduces himself as Soran Virini, a man that Zadora has encountered before to the point that Virini is seeking revenge and doesn't care about the collateral damage incurred.
The crew hatch a plot to get out but the console they need to access is not easily reachable by most of the crew. Landas takes advantage of his Cenaturi Biology to access the said console but when one of the Narn guards stops Landas in the middle of his attempt, Landas lulls the guard into a false sense of security and attacks the guard.
The crew decide to rearm from the armoury (Malone's Quarters) and taking advantage of the material obtained, they proceed to retake the ship, during the course of this Virini makes his escape in an manner that alerts Babylon 5 to some irregular activity.
The crew doesn't resist when Babylon 5 security take them in for questioning, Landas and Zadora are questioned together by Officer Welch, afterwards they are visited by Vir and Ambassador G'Kar. Landas has Vir set up a welcome home party for Virini and G'Kar wants Landas and Zadora to investigate the possibility of their being a mole in his embassy as he suspects the mole to be working for the man that the Narn that were on the Jacaranda answered to ultimately.
Landas and Zadora investigate and have reason to be suspect the mole is Ko D'Ath despite their attempts to bring B5 security in to some aspects of her activities of her illicit dealings they don't have enough evidence for them to act on. Creating the situation that Landas and Zadora decide they may have to potentially abduct G'Kar own Ambassadorial Aide.

This was the first episode hosted on the 2D4 RPG twitch channel.
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