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Babylon Project Episode 8: Dead Man's Tales

Continuing from the previous episode the situation the group looks dire until the brave intervention of both Femi in seeking to provide medical aid to Landas and Wesley and a Mr Nelson Drake in attacking the pirate group from behind allows the group to eventually overcome the hostile forces.
Nelson brings the group to Dr Hendricks and plans are made for the group and the expedition party to escape from Ikarra, but due to limitations of the Firoro, the shuttle will have to make 2 journeys to get everyone aboard the Jacaranda. The crew of Jacaranda escape with their passengers but not before taking some damage to their shuttle.
Dr Hendricks thanks the crew and asks that the expedition members are dropped off at Proxima 3 while the crew along with Dr Hendricks and Nelson Drake head on to Babylon 5. Dr Hendricks admits he will need to smuggle some items aboard the station, but is able to make sufficient persuasion to get the group to agree.
Landas and Noah head on to Babylon 5 with Dr Hendricks and Nelson Drake and ensure that a decent enough distraction is caused for Nelson to ensure the items are smuggled past security. After this Noah and Landas head their separate ways, Landas seeking to speak to Vir and Noah seeking to speak to Garibaldi.
Meanwhile while this is happening Femi is busy investigating an orb of darkness in his mental landscape that he retrieved from Noah. Despite his best attempts to fully assert control he finds himself without the mental strength required to accomplish his goal, he sends a communique to a Mr Alfred Bester to discuss the sitaution.
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