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Well last night session was fun, continuing on from last session we found ourselves in dire straights, somehow we survived, we helped smuggle some items on to Babylon 5. Our telepath found himself listening to his inner demons and found himself possessed.

Shame that this is our last episode on Lawful Stupid RPG, but we all been having so much fun playing the game and sharing it with people willing to watch that we are moving on to our own twitch channel to support it called 2D4 RPG.

I will be at some point putting up the recap for last session which is called "Dead man's tale".

There is no session on the 09/03/2019, so it be the week after before there is further recaps, I hope people have been enjoying them.

If people are wanting to watch Game starts at 8:30pm GMT on a Saturday but next game is on the 16/03/2019.
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