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Babylon Project Episode 7: Turn Left for Battle Stations

Picking up from the last episode the crew of the Jacaranda find themselves facing off against an hostile vessel that has jumped into orbit with them above Ikarra. The crew ready themselves for battle with Noah Malone and Landas Cortas manning the stations for the space Yacht pulse turrets.
Femi sets himself up at one of the navigation stations and and Zadora takes his place at the captain's chair.
The opposing ship launches 2 fighters at the Jacaranda. Landas seeing the danger the fighters could pose to the Yacht shouts out to target the fighters first as he proceeds to target the that catches his eye first, as the ships come in range Noah follows the advise of Landas and targets the other fighter and both sides open fire.
Du'Gar tries to keep the Jacaranda weaving as best it can through the fire that is pouring on enemy ships, a few light hits are scored on the Jacaranda but Malone and Landas score more hits on the more manoeuvrable fighters eventually destroying one of them in the process.
The opposing mother ship attempted to up the ante by launching missiles at the Yacht, but some quick work from Femi working on Yacht sensors force the missiles to explode prematurely. The launch of the missiles bring Malone's Turret focus on the Mother ship and starts to fire away as much as he can. Landas eventually brings his own turret to bear on the opposing mother ship.
The sustained fire from the Jacaranda cause damage to the opposing ship that make the attackers decide that staying around will not be in their best interests, start to form a jump point. Noah and Landas desperately try to get in a last few hits in an attempt to destroy the ship before it can escape while Malone last burst hit the ship, Landas shots hit some floating debris from the enemy ship allowing it to escape. Just the ship escapes it last shot finally does some damage to the Jacaranda.
The ship owners quickly gear up to pick up Dr Vance Hendricks before any more ships arrive, from scans done on the planet they gain indications that the camp of the good Doctor is under assault from the ground. The y put on their heaviest gear and Landas pilots the shuttle down, the decision is made to land the shuttle behind the attackers of the camp and attack from behind. As the group moves up Landas and Malone can recognise the clatter of very heavy energy weaponry.
As the group runs up they find that they have surprised the camp attackers. Landas and Zadora spot heavy weapons operator and decide to try and take him out at once. Meanwhile Noah and Femi rush up to take on 3 infantry men that are 20 metres or so to the left of where Zadora and Landas are.
The firefight begins in Earnest while the party got the element of surprise the heavier armour of the heavy weapons operator allows him to absorb the shot from both Landas and Zadora and they slowly but surely find themselves pinned under heavy fire. Noah and Femi have greater success in taking out 2 of the 3 infantrymen in quick succession but the 3rd hides behind some rocks to make it harder for them to take him out with ease.
Despite the valiant attempts of Landas and Zadora, their weaponry is having trouble penetrating the armour of the “heavy”, and both find themselves getting hit and going to ground heavily injured.
Malone decides to cover Femi who runs to the other 2 in an attempt to save their lives, using his superior armour to withstand shots from his own opponent.
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