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Babylon Project Episode 6: Crossroads

The crew of the Jacaranda make all haste to get back to known space with their retrieved cargo, after a few weeks recovering, a certain Mr Morden ends up conversing with members of the crew which has them puzzled as he simply catches them off guard with “What do you want?”
When they return queries with IPX, leads to the Jacaranda making it way to Earth. Landas and Malone bring Morden and the black box to the IPX representative, a Mr Ivan Valenkov. While Mr Valenkov checks the authenticity of the returned items, Landas makes a call to Vir Cotto.
During the conversation, Vir asks about obtaining Star Laces for the Ambassador, Landas advises he will have a look and finishes the call.
Arriving back, Landas finds that Mr Valenkov talking about a potential job run for the Jacaranda to a planet call Ikarra, Malone advises he will raise it with the crew.
During this time Femi makes a diversion to visit his wife on Mars and Zadora makes preparations for receiving his father. Despite Zadaro's best efforts to talk up his recent accomplishments during dinner, his father is not impressed and before he leaves expresses how much of a disappointment he is.
As the owners get together they discuss their options for work, Landas has secretly purchased Star Laces and was hoping to transport them to the station and complete the Ikarra job on the same run as Landas had been lead to believe they were in the same direction. This was not the case, attempts by Landas to send the Star Laces on was not possible due to his credit being maxed out with a purchase of property by his wife. The fee was covered by his fellow ship owners and Landas left a message to Vir to expect the flowers.
After a week of travel the Jacaranda finds itself in orbit with jacaranda, while they are scanning the planet and discussing what to do, another ship jumps in system close by, it's weapons ready to go.
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