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Babylon Project Episode 01: Jacaranda

At the beginning of the Third Age of man, a group of four shareholders of the recenty refurbished space yach Yacaranda gather to marvel at their fresh coat of paint at Mars Spacedock, when a call from pilot Landas Cortas' wife propels the crew to fulfil an urgent diplomatic mission on behalf of the mighty Centauri Republic. After picking up the ambassador Vir Cotto from Centauri prime, the crew's illustrious captain decides to host a sensitivity training meeting to resolve a dispute between engineer Miana Vesa and mechanic Du'gar. Effect of the training still under scrutiny. Upon reaching the Epsilon Eridani system, group's telepath Femi Dran instructs the ship to engage a shuttle transportin stolen goods. After disabling the shuttle, crew boards it and in the opening volley marine colonel Noah Malone is shot and incapacitated, ship decompressed as an illict Centauri weapon creates a hole in the shuttle's bow. Unknown to rest of the crew, a corpse of an Earth telepath is discovered by Femi as he clears the ship of valuables.

Babylon Project Episode 02: Private Malone

After being shot to a state similar to swiss cheese Malone finds himself, not on the shuttle but back in the lecture hall at Westpoint Academy, looking around he finds a very confused Landas Cortas is sitting near him. The two try to discreetly talk about what is happening but find that a woman from Psi Corps is looking at them, before anything can be done, the scenery around them changes.
This leads to the two of them finding themselves in various different scenes of Malone life, during each scene Malone is disorientated but Landas who was not present at these events notices that the events do not match the stories Malone has told him. Seeing the woman from Psyi Corp leads to the two of them finding themselves on Mars.
Following the chain of events they find the woman again who introduces herself as Talia, she advises the memories are being corrupted by an entity that she is trying to fight. She asks for Malone and Cortas aid in fighting the creature. They agree to stop running and confront the creature, a high stakes battle ensues as Malone and Cortas confront the creature head on and eventually kill it.

Babylon Project Episode 03: Crisis Management

The crew find themselves in a sticky situation trying to explain themselves to the local authorities, with the options either to allow the authorities to escort them to Babylon 5 for questioning or running and forfeiting their money for getting Vir Cotto to the station, the party decides that money is more important. Despite Zadora's initial attempts trying to argue that Babylon 5 had no right to board his ship, a initial investigation results in the crew neing asked preliminary questions about what happened.
At this Landas declares that the ship a is a diplomatic courier for the Centauri government and he suspects the dead Narns were an attempt to kills his Brother in Law Vir Cotto. While station security leaves for the interim, Landas organizes for the diplomatic status to be added retroactively.
Due to Malone injuries the crew transport him to the station to get immediate attention, also sent along with him is Landas who has fainted a few times in the last day.
The crew hand Vir over to Ambassador Mollari, and get agreement for the Embassy to cover the medical bills of what has happened. Before the party can attempt to profit for their adventures are interrupted by galactic events take hold as Landas finds out that Raghesh 3 has been occupied and he thinks he sees an opportunity to profit from it.

Babylon Project Episode 4: The Moaning Lisa

The group are still at Babylon 5 trying to take advantage of opportunities or make sense of what has happened. Landas attempts to make plans with Ambassador Mollari about what to do about Raghesh 3. Zadaro tries to find buyers for pieces of art that the group have obtained, meanwhile Malone while in recovery is interrogated by a Mr Garibaldi.
At a meeting on the Jacaranda, 2 potential plans emerge, they could either go to Raghesh 3 and investigate the attack on behalf of the Ambassador and Landas or they go about selling the goof they have obtained. Both plans have merit and worth, the group tries to have it cake and eat it, they head back to the station to organise a deal for the goods and then head on their way to Raghesh 3.
The group however on boarding finds themselves under arrest for piracy, murder and theft, despite their best efforts to talk themselves out of the situation, they are later informed that they and their ship will be escorted to Proxima for the authorities there to deal with.
On arrival at Proxima they discover that Femi has been able to pull strings with Psi Corps to get them released, but the goods they had obtained had been seized and returned to their right places with no remuneration for Zadora's efforts, also incident at Raghesh 3 had been resolved without any aid from Landas. But Psi Corps were not acting out of charity they were wanting the Jacaranda to do a mission for them.

Babylon Project Episode 5: The Icarus

The crew of the Jacaranda find themselves stuck at Proxima, while the ship is upgraded so that she fulfil the mission they have for him. She is to head out past the rim of known space and find the out what happened to ship that belongs to IPX called the Icarus. Not a lot is explained why Psi Corps is helping the corporation, but the corporation is offering 1.5 million credit reward for info on the ship and further 100,000 credits for the rescue of any of it crew.
The group head to Jericho the last recorded place that Icarus was seen, gather some intelligence and then head off into the unknown to find the ship. Praying against the odds, the Jacaranda heads to the reported final destination hoping that whatever befell Icarus occurred there and no where else.
When they finally arrive they find that they are not the only ones in the system, another ship has found the wreckage of the Icarus. Despite the protests of Landas. Zadora negotiates with with the Markab vessel, they pay the Markab for the retrieval of the Icarus black box and what appears to the only surviving member of the crew.
The Jacaranda leaves the area in haste, when Femi advises that something is wrong. As the crew seems to the surviving member state they learn his name Mr Morden.
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