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Currently playing a Mongoose 2nd Edition that is set in the Babylon 5 universe that we put show live on twitch. Playing a Centauri Noble and, let just say most of my stats are duff apart from my social which is a 13.

So my character has found himself on Babylon 5 and it just the start of the attack of Raghesh 3, leading to my character seeking an audience with the Ambassador Mollari, to see if I can offer my services. I think to of trying out the casino to see if he is there and see 2 well dressed Centauri, one by the bar, the other is surrounded by a crowd at a table. I head to the table declaring I have a suspicion that This may be Mollari based on stories that I have heard about him about being the centre of attention.

Find out it not the ambassador but a young pup of a man who I think is too arrogant for his own good, we swap scathing insults back and forth and I walk away before both of get in the situation where we both think that we have to demand our satisfaction.

I head to the bar, make my comments about the kid at the table being trash, The Older Centauri male turns to me and informs me that is his son I was talking about. Oops foot in mouth. Some apologies, I advise that I was looking for Mollari, the Gentleman points me in the right direction if I promise to talk to him later. It is only at that point I get the man name he belongs to the House of Refa, let just say there is members of that family in my backstory I haven't had the nicest run in with.

No dice or very little dice rolled and my heart was pounding, the GM loves to torture me I think.
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