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Originally Posted by BlackBat242 View Post
Oops - I mixed up which to count. So yes, 20 months combat.

Remember to round up after dividing by 2 for hesitation rounds... 5/2=2.5, rounded up to 3 hesitation rounds.
OK, so it's 3 hesitation rounds either way.
Thank you, that's very informative!

One last thing, how easy it is to adapt material from other games of the line? I think Merc 2000 might be closer to what I want, setting-wise, but I like the CUF rules better. However, AFAICT, Merc 2000 uses the v. 2.0/v. 2.2 of the rules.

I must note that one thing I like more and more about this system. Namely, there's no "Intelligence" attribute. (For this game, I'm planning to adopt the logic that "intelligence should be a player's attribute"... not a character's quality.
Of course, education is fine!)

Originally Posted by Putraack View Post
FWIW, T2k v2.0 had a different Initiative system. Init was rated 1-6.

6 Acts
6 Acts, then 5s act
6, 5, 4 acts
6, 5, 4, 3 acts
6, 5, 4, 3, 2 acts. And anyone with a 1 initiative is probably dead by now. I didn't like it, since the numbers were fixed at character generation, although if one survived enough fights, you could earn Initiative XPs to spend on improving your initiative. What I did like was that wounds reduced initiative: -1 for slight wounds and -3 for serious, and when hit, you lost your next action. This can lead to low-Initiative characters quitting the fight when they take sufficient damage.

I prefer v1's hesitations & coolness rule. When I run at conventions, I give everyone 6 poker chips, blue for actions and white for hesitations, and then ask them every round which they are using. As a house rule, I borrowed from v2, and trade red for blue chips as the PCs collect wounds.

I still allow the repetitive actions rule, as well as allowing characters to give directions to other characters, overriding the order-receiver's Hesitations.
Admittedly, I prefer the hesitation rule as least from the information I've received here. If people like you that have been playing both also agree with this, I guess I just might be on the right path!

Originally Posted by aramis View Post
I wish T2K 2.0 was also on the CD...
I wish the T2K v1.0 was on the CD. But I can make do with the bundle on RPGNow, instead!
"Still, it is ultimately the ability of the individuals
involved to play the role (by adopting the appropriate patterns of thought) that will determine the success or failure of the game
in portraying the Solomani as a race that is simultaneously human physically, but quite alien mentally and emotionally."
- Alien Module 6: Solomani (Introduction).
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