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FWIW, T2k v2.0 had a different Initiative system. Init was rated 1-6.

6 Acts
6 Acts, then 5s act
6, 5, 4 acts
6, 5, 4, 3 acts
6, 5, 4, 3, 2 acts. And anyone with a 1 initiative is probably dead by now. I didn't like it, since the numbers were fixed at character generation, although if one survived enough fights, you could earn Initiative XPs to spend on improving your initiative. What I did like was that wounds reduced initiative: -1 for slight wounds and -3 for serious, and when hit, you lost your next action. This can lead to low-Initiative characters quitting the fight when they take sufficient damage.

I prefer v1's hesitations & coolness rule. When I run at conventions, I give everyone 6 poker chips, blue for actions and white for hesitations, and then ask them every round which they are using. As a house rule, I borrowed from v2, and trade red for blue chips as the PCs collect wounds.

I still allow the repetitive actions rule, as well as allowing characters to give directions to other characters, overriding the order-receiver's Hesitations.
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