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Originally Posted by san*klass View Post
Mike, the word concept, to be honest, is probably a bit too grand.

It is more a feeling that I have been trying to brainstorm, that arose from reading about Soviet Motor Rifle Platoons, their equipment, gear and structure.

I was considering a alternative history WW3 campaign in the 80's, centered around one SMRP. Initially Players would play Platoon Leader, Assistant, Squad leaders or maybe specialists (Assigned Marksman, RP Grenadier, SAW Gunner etc). Very much a "War is Hell" type attrition game as they gain strategic objectives but slowly lose manpower. Assuming such a fast assault that reinforcements are unreliable.

My only worry is how to keep it an RPG and not slip into a small unit war game. And, related to that, how to keep each game fresh and not overly similar.

Seeing This Forum on COTI got me wondering if it might help. But, although it sounds like a great game, I don't think it's gonna help me.

And so I think my inspiration is too flawed to work this time.

But any suggestions gratefully received.
Sounds like you want the players & characters to spend at least as much time role-playing between battles as they do in the fights? T2k should be able to do that as well as any other, it's going to be mostly on the players to stick to your theme. It can do platoon-level firefights very well, its rules are pretty thin on inter-character relationships, but then again, so are Traveller and many other Old School RPGs.

I'll be honest, nearly all of my games have (intentionally or not) evolved into focusing on the shooting-- I think it's a result of my players and their expectations from my games and from myself as a GM. I think T2k should do very well at what I read from your concept.

Something you may want to try is from "Night Witches", which divides its games into "Day" and "Night" turns: the Day turns are spent by the PCs in things like relations among each other and NPCs, scavenging supplies, maintaining their airplanes, and gathering information or other things they can use. The Night turns are flying the missions, dealing with the enemy, and so on. A division of effort like that may be more of what you want?
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