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Small Starburst On Traveller's Aid Society Memberships

Characters who have Earned a Lifetime Membership in the Travellers' Aid Society and roll at TAS Fellowship may take the Fellowship with the "Understanding that it will awarded by the Life Member to worthy Fellow Traveller whose actions or words have benefited or furthered the sphere of both the Society and Interstellar Civilization."

This means you can't just give to a crewmate so they don't have to raise Passage, but reward them for grand deeds worthy of the Society's recognition or graduated. You may award it to your crewmate if what they did rates by Society standards. Basically, would TNS or JTAS use 500+ words to describe the events which earned the Fellowship.

This is part of being a TAS Life Member, who are expect to keep an eye (or other sensory organ(s) open for prospective Members.
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