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Default GURPS Traveller Adventure party for upcoming PBP

I want to try out GURPS Traveller. I got a starship here, and want to put together a groups of 4 GURPS characters, maybe more but at least 4, one is a noble. This is the ship, it is a copy of another ship based in the Spinward Marches and uses the same Floorplan, that ship is called the Caroline, this one is called the Carolina. I am not overly familiar with GURPS. So I on a bit of a learning curve and we'll see how it goes.
Here is the GURPS writeup
MV Carolina
Type: YL Yacht
Category: ACS
Size: Approx 265 Tons
Hull Configuration: Lifting Body with Needle Outriggers
Streamlining: Streamlined Hull
Tech Level: TL - 12
Design Sequence
Step 1: Design the hull and record its characteristics
Step 2: Designate turrets and/or bays
Step 3: Select armor tonnage. Calculate its cost, DR, and PD.
Step 4: Seal hull and consider adding sensor-masking features
Step 5: Fill all internal spaces with component modules.
Step 6: Add turret and bay weapons (optional).
Step 7: Calculate basic statistics.
Step 8: Calculate performance
Step 9: Finalize design
Step 1 - Hull Design

Step 2 - Turrets and Bays

Step 3 - Armor
Tech LevelAreaMassDRPD

Step 4 - Other Surface Features
Sealed: Vessels must be sealed. Multiply total surface area by
MCr0.00001 to get the price of sealing the hull against vacuum.

Step 5 - Component Modules
A component is a set of spacecraft components that are grouped
together, such as a bridge or maneuver drive.

Drone Hanger (Spacedock)10.0052
Life Support Cabinet (Utility)11.50.251
Captain's Cabin Stateroom (1-2 occupants)20.0124
Crew Staterooms (4)80.04816
Crew Double Stateroom (2)40.0248
Standard Passenger Stateroom (4)80.04816
Single Passenger Stateroom (x1/2)10.0062
Steward's Cuddy Stateroom (1/2)10.0062
Executive Stateroom (2)60.03612
Vehicle Bay and Airlock4.98750.0039.975
Medical Bay (including Medical Store) (Sickbay)0.850.211
Fuel Tankage58.57.245
Fuel Tankage42.95.2833
Workshop and Power plant (Engineering)3.60.161
Fuel Purification Plant (Port and Starboard)2.21.72
Maneuver Drive (Port and Starboard)487.812
Jump Drive31.9224.3397.98

Step 6 - Bay and Turret Armament
Sand Launcher Array (Triple Turret Sandcaster)150.753
Aft Turret (Triple Turret Laser, 405-MJ)23.42.043
Chin Turret (Triple Turret Laser, 405-MJ)23.42.043
WeaponTypeAccSSDamage1/2D RangeMax RangeRoFFP
Aft Turret (Triple Turret Laser, 405-MJ)
Laser, 405-MJImp.33305d100 (2)26,022*78,068*1/607
Laser, 405-MJImp.33305d100 (2)26,022*78,068*1/607
Laser, 405-MJImp.33305d100 (2)26,022*78,068*1/607
Chin Turret (Triple Turret Laser, 405-MJ)
Laser, 405-MJImp.33305d100 (2)26,022*78,068*1/607
Laser, 405-MJImp.33305d100 (2)26,022*78,068*1/607
Laser, 405-MJImp.33305d100 (2)26,022*78,068*1/607

Step 7 - Statistics
Total Empty Mass: (tons)480.832591.275166242.757561.8
Total Empty Space: (spaces)-22.545-2123177.4559
Total Loaded Mass: (tons)593.5575
Total Cost: (MCr)66.542890.28981.9920.20450.2274.83
Hit Points:30600270003600

Step 8 - Performance
Space Acceleration: 2.02 G
Jump Number: 3 Parsecs
Air Speed: 2100.42 mph
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