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Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
you could run one game with four players.
True, but I'm already running SBRD with eight players. Not sure I could do another game like that, although I will think about it.

The main idea here is to try out PbP as a format for solo games (one GM, one Player). I suspect it will work very well for that, as there would be none of the frustrating wait for other players to post something.

This will also be a chance to try out some types of adventures that don't necessarily work well for groups, such as espionage or mysteries.

EDIT: The current situation in SBRD shows the hazards of splitting the party: half the PCs are on a world for a rescue mission (moving rather slowly) while the other half are aboard ship in space on a five-day journey, and currently stuck with nothing to do while they wait for game-time to advance to where they can do something.
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