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Originally posted by sid6.7:
i dont think there was ever any data provided to
take it to 3D from 2D(CT)...some of the stars are
real but alot are not...the sol sector you
could probably get a realistic 3D effect but
after that it would be a 100% guess i think...
Think smaller - that that we know most of the stars within about 10 parsecs of Sol (but not all), and beyond that we only know the bright ones. There's hundreds of M and K V stars in the space covered by the Solomani Rim sector that we don't even know exist (which is why I'd just randomise the K and M V stars in that volume).

The RECONS list is the most complete list of stars near Sol - I've converted the layout to stacked subsectors on my realistic mapping page, but that's about as good as it'll get.
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