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The Mongoose Core rulebook allows for armor as a mustering out benefit for Army and Marine characters, hence my initial question. I certainly take the point that a character can't go walking down Main Street in most advanced metropolises while wearing Combat Armor and not expect to "be pulled over" by local enforcement. However, a character signing aboard/owning shares in a Free Trader who owns such armor (and normally keeps it boxed in his quarters, or in the Ship's Locker) would be highly useful in repelling pirates (or boarding other ships), undertaking missions where some gunplay might be anticipated (e.g. rescue operations), exploration missions in frontier areas, not to mention a bit of mercenary service. I wouldn't see it as "everyday wear" (cloth is more acceptable, socially), but it is hard to come by in most circumstances and this gives the character an opportunity to put it by for a rainy day (and purchasing more civilian-like garb.
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