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Dunno why a Gauss rifle would stand out from any other slug thrower.

Sure, it's can be automatic, but as someone else mentioned, maybe they can be downgraded to semi-automatic. But, there's other automatic weapons that were on the list.

What we don't mention is we don't know what kind of maintenance a GR requires. It has a lot of moving parts, and is a powered rifle (I think it take power from the magazines, which i guess have some sort of battery component).

Normally, rifles, when basically kept out of the weather, are effectively immortal.

Does modern fiberglass or synthetic stock hold up after 50 years if kept in reasonable humidity an temperature? Or do they break down? I haven't heard much either way.

But, beyond that, bunch of metal bits that need just a little bit of oil to remain functional for 100 years.

A GR, however...maybe not. Filled with electronics, move parts (gyro stabilized), etc. 50 years later, who knows what state they're in. Is a 50 year old magazine still usable? Will it still hold a charge? That's 50 years of idle chemistry there.

I have (had) an old iPhone 3GS. Put it on the shelf when I upgraded. After a couple years, it had effectively bloated and ruptured. I assume it was the battery. Nothing leaked, but it was ruined. This was kept inside the house.

Even with military electronics, there's likely no need for a 50 year shelf life on it.

Meanwhile, Granpa's Krag will shoot like day one, if you can find ammo for it, after a day of TLC with some 3-in-1 oil. As worst, you may get a bad spring.
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