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Originally Posted by timerover51 View Post
No armor at all, as that would make it difficult for civilian law enforcement agencies to deal with the individual. I do not allow personal energy weapons in my universe, so that issue is moot, but I would not allow those either, for the same reason. As for other weapons, nothing aside from standard projectile weapons. No gauss rifles or Advanced Combat Rifles either are permitted. Basically, what is in the Traveller Book and LBBs.
I'm on this page too. You might have a plasma gun or something, but you go toting in public and you PDQ get the attention of the authorities. Same goes for full combat-style armor.
Now, you have a need for such heavy personal artillery and protection for some specific purpose? Fine, use it for that purpose and put the toys back in the box when done.
For most scenarios, hand guns of various sorts, edged weapons, a shotgun, or maybe the occasional long arm will fly along with body armor that isn't obvious will do more often than not.

Every game and scenario doesn't have to, and shouldn't, be military grade combat at least in my version of things.
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